Raspberry Pi

At last! After several months of waiting my Raspberry Pi is here. A fully functional computer on a single board with USB, ethernet, and HDMI connections. I’m going to try and interest my kids in it, as well as perhaps making some basic I/O projects myself.

The board itself costs £25, but you’ll need a SD card and a power source. Luckily I had an old 8Gb SD card from an old camera, which is plenty, and I found a power source in my box’o’bits.

Raspberry Pi boardThe Raspberry Pi board with a 20p for size comparison. On the top of the board you can see the power supply cord and SD memory card, the HDMI connector is on the left, and on the bottom there is a blue network cable and a black USB connector. I connected a small USB hub so that I could run a keyboard and mouse.
Showing the X windows GUI running on the Pi and browsing the web.
Raspberry PI running X Windows

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